Booty Challenge - Week 1

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  • 30min All Booty (INTENSE)

    As the name suggests, this class is ALL BOOTY! In this class, we will be working all areas of your glutes to strengthen them which is so important to help support your lower back and posture. If you would like to add ankle weights, feel free to but you will also feel a deep burn even with your bo...

  • 35min Goals Blast - Abs, Arms, Booty (INTENSE)

    This class targets abs, arms and booty working each muscle group from a longer period of time to sculpt and tone! Remember all your pilates principles in this class and focus in on which muscle you're working with each movement. If you need to modify or take a break to reset the body. Option to w...

  • 20min Booty Burn 1 (SATISFYING & INTENSE)

    This class focusses on glute max and med giving you a tight and toned booty but also helps support lower pain and overall posture! You’ll be feeling the burn in all the right places! If you want a little extra spice, ankle weights are optional!

  • 15min Energy Boost 2 (SATISFYING & INTENSE)

    This quick energy boost will set you up for the day, give you endorphins and get will help get the blood flowing! Stay focused on which muscle group you're working, it's just 15 minutes so get the most out of the movement and being on your mat. x x

  • 20min Stretch & Relaxation (CHILL)

    The Pilates Stretch Class is a gift from you to your body. A moment to let go, breathe and center. This series of stretches will improve your posture, flexibility and blood flow but also relieve back and muscle pain, tension headaches and mental stress. Flow through this full body stretch before...