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  • NEW! 15min Ab Burner 2 (INTENSE)

    This is a 15 minute ab burner class! In this class, I want you to focus on the breath and the movement. These movements aren't always about how quick you can do them but instead, it is about taking it slow and really feeling the burn. Remember, suck your belly button towards your spine and when t...

  • NEW! 45min Goals Blast - Abs, Arms, Booty (INTENSE)

    This is a 45 minute goals blast class! This class is one of our most popular on the platform so I am really excited to take you through another goals blast class! This class focuses on working your abs, arms and booty and trust me, you'll feel the burn!

    *Jacqui burns 320 calories in this class.

  • 26min HIIT Those Goals and Sweat 2 (INTENSE)

    HIIT those goals and sweat 2! So many of you loved the first version of this class so I am so excited to take you through this one! In this class, I teach you 4x seperate cardio combos followed by strength work, and then we finish with your cardio combos put all together! I had my favourite TPC S...

  • NEW! 10min Oblique Burn (INTENSE)

    This is an oblique burn class which is a quick hit to feel those obliques. This class is perfect if you don't have much time in your day but want to feel a quick burn. You can also add this class onto the end of any of our other classes for that extra workout. Remember, engage your core, and work...

  • 30min All About That Booty (INTENSE)

    This class is a 30 minute booty burn! This class is structured in x3 rounds. Round 1 = 1 minute, round 2 = 50 seconds and round 1 = 40 seconds! In this class, you will really feel the burn and those glutes. Working out your glutes is really important to strengthen your lower back and improve your...

  • 30min All Booty (INTENSE)

    As the name suggests, this class is ALL BOOTY! In this class, we will be working all areas of your glutes to strengthen them which is so important to help support your lower back and posture. If you would like to add ankle weights, feel free to but you will also feel a deep burn even with your bo...

  • 30min Back Body Strength (SATISFYING & INTENSE)

    This back strength class will strengthen your posterior chain which will help support your lower back and will help improve your posture. We do so much core work within our classes as well as working the entire front line of the body so it's important to strengthen your back which will help even ...

  • 32min Barre Class 3 (INTENSE)

    In this full body workout, barre class I want you to imagine you're working through water and lengthen out your body two inches more than what you think you can! If you're pre or postnatal this class is suitable for you with modifications called out within the class. Grab a chair as your barre an...

  • 45min Slow & Deep Burn (SATISFYING & INTENSE)

    This slow, deep burn class is to reconnect to the mind and body. I want you to feel each part of the moment and imagine you're working through water. If you would like to add dumbbells in this class, I'll cue you when to pick them up. If you're choosing to use body resistance, like myself, apply ...

  • 35min Goals Blast - Abs, Arms, Booty (INTENSE)

    This class targets abs, arms and booty working each muscle group from a longer period of time to sculpt and tone! Remember all your pilates principles in this class and focus in on which muscle you're working with each movement. If you need to modify or take a break to reset the body. Option to w...

  • NEW! 10min Abs 3 (INTENSE)

    This goals class is a target boost for your abs! Add this class onto one of your other Pilates classes or take it if you're feeling like you need that core connection and deep burn!! Remember to keep your technique within this class and breathe.
    Jacqui burns 50 calories in this class.

  • 30min Post Holiday Workout 2 (INTENSE)

    This is a post holiday workout! I always encourage clients to take time to relax, switch off and really enjoy resting! This class will get you back into a workout routine as well as wake up and target those reseted muscles ;) Take breaks whenever you need! x x

  • 30min HIIT Class 6 (INTENSE)

    Cardio class 6!! This class has so many fun combinations! There is jumping in today class, but if you don't want to jump in todays class you can take the modifications! Keep your pilates technique in todays class and enjoy the endorphin hit!! Head to Spotify, search The Pilates Class profile and ...

  • 15min Energy Boost 2 (SATISFYING & INTENSE)

    This quick energy boost will set you up for the day, give you endorphins and get will help get the blood flowing! Stay focused on which muscle group you're working, it's just 15 minutes so get the most out of the movement and being on your mat. x x

  • 45min Strength and HIIT (INTENSE)

    This is a strength and cardio class with the perfect mix of both! If you don't like cardio or jumping, you can still take this class with the modifications given! Keep The Pilates techniques and enjoy the burn!

  • 30min Full Body 1 (SATISFYING & INTENSE)

    Our signature full body class! Modifications are given for our TPC beginners and more intense options for those who are feeling a little more energised and want those more intense options in today's class.

  • 30min Abs and Arms 2 (INTENSE)

    X3 rounds of abs and arms! 1min 50secs and 40sec! Designed strengthen your core and tone and sculpt your arms, this class will leave your feeling that deep burn that we all love!

  • 30min HIIT Class 5 (INTENSE)

    I know you guys love your cardio ;) The Pilates Cardio Class will have you buzzing from an endorphin hit. Good for your general health, heart, blood flow and weight loss- cardio is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and even help you sleep better! Blast the music and get ready to sweat from a pi...

  • 30min Women's and Men's 2 (INTENSE)

    This class is the same structure as part 1! 50 seconds, 40 seconds and 30 second rounds with 4 exercises x 2! Encourage a man in your life to take this class.

  • 30min Barre Class with Low Chair (INTENSE)

    This barre class requires a chair that you can stand on! Make sure it's placed on a steady surface so it's secure throughout the class, if you do not feel safe and secure, take the modifications given without standing on the chair. This class is a combination of pilates, ballet, cardio and streng...

  • 1min Burpee Challenge (INTENSE)

  • 3min Plank (INTENSE)

    Challenge yourself with this 3 min plank! For an extra burn, take out the side planks and hold a high or low plank for 3 mins!

  • 20min Ab Blaster (INTENSE)

    This ab blaster runs with x4 exercises: 1min, 50seconds and 40 seconds, plus a finisher! You'll feel your abs, obliques and shoulders working in this goals class, it's the burn you hate to love.. enjoy ;)
    * This class is not suitable for those pregnant, please choose one of our prenatal classes ...

  • 30min HIIT Class 4 (INTENSE)

    We have two rounds today...each round you'll have x3 rounds 50 seconds, 40 seconds and 30 seconds.The Pilates Cardio Class will have you buzzing from an endorphin hit. Good for your general health, heart, blood flow and weight loss- cardio is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and even help you ...