NEWEST Classes

NEWEST Classes

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NEWEST Classes
  • NEW! 36min Mat Launch Class (SATISFYING & INTENSE)

    This is a full body class that will get your heart rate up and give you energy for the rest of your day! This class involves a little bit of balance so remember to engage your core and if you wobble, that is totally ok! During the mat work, embrace the burn - it's where you see the change!


  • NEW! 32min Barre Class 3 (INTENSE)

    In this full body workout, barre class I want you to imagine you're working through water and lengthen out your body two inches more than what you think you can! If you're pre or postnatal this class is suitable for you with modifications called out within the class. Grab a chair as your barre an...

  • NEW! 45min Slow & Deep Burn (SATISFYING & INTENSE)

    This slow, deep burn class is to reconnect to the mind and body. I want you to feel each part of the moment and imagine you're working through water. If you would like to add dumbbells in this class, I'll cue you when to pick them up. If you're choosing to use body resistance, like myself, apply ...

  • NEW! 35min Lean Lower Body Focus (INTENSE)

    This Pilates body class has more of a lower body focus but it also has balance, control and some cardio options! There are 3 rounds with 3 exercises that keep building the burn! Listen to your body and enjoy the movement!
    Jacqui burns approximately 250 calories in this class.

  • NEW! 36min HIIT Those Goals and Sweat! (INTENSE)

    HIIT those goals and sweat! This is a NEW class layout which involves cardio, strength, stamina and good times! I'll teach you x4 seperate cardio combos followed by strength work, finishing back with your cardio combos put all together!!! If you don't want to take the jumping options, take the mo...

  • NEW! 35min Goals Blast - Abs, Arms, Booty (INTENSE)

    This class targets abs, arms and booty working each muscle group from a longer period of time to sculpt and tone! Remember all your pilates principles in this class and focus in on which muscle you're working with each movement. If you need to modify or take a break to reset the body. Option to w...

  • NEW! 22min Stretch Class (CHILL & SATISFYING)

    This full body stretch class is great for the weekends, after your classes, or on those days where you feel like your body need a little more love and length. If you need to modify these moves, use a prop to assist you or take the alternative stretch. x x x