NEWEST Classes

NEWEST Classes

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NEWEST Classes
  • NEW! 15min Ab Burner 2 (INTENSE)

    This is a 15 minute ab burner class! In this class, I want you to focus on the breath and the movement. These movements aren't always about how quick you can do them but instead, it is about taking it slow and really feeling the burn. Remember, suck your belly button towards your spine and when t...

  • NEW! 45min Goals Blast - Abs, Arms, Booty (INTENSE)

    This is a 45 minute goals blast class! This class is one of our most popular on the platform so I am really excited to take you through another goals blast class! This class focuses on working your abs, arms and booty and trust me, you'll feel the burn!

    *Jacqui burns 320 calories in this class.

  • NEW! 4min Walk/Run Warmup (CHILL)

    This class is a quick warmup to get those muscles warm before a walk or run. It is so important to warm up your muscles before exercising to help with joint and muscle pain so this class is the perfect quick warmup to get you ready for the movement.

  • NEW! 4min Walk/Run Cool Down (CHILL)

    This class is a cool down session for after a walk or run. Taking time to cool down is important so that the nervous system can come down. Taking the time to stretch is just as important as your workout to let your muscles recover and lengthen. These moves will help to stretch and nourish your bo...

  • 26min HIIT Those Goals and Sweat 2 (INTENSE)

    HIIT those goals and sweat 2! So many of you loved the first version of this class so I am so excited to take you through this one! In this class, I teach you 4x seperate cardio combos followed by strength work, and then we finish with your cardio combos put all together! I had my favourite TPC S...

  • NEW! 10min Oblique Burn (INTENSE)

    This is an oblique burn class which is a quick hit to feel those obliques. This class is perfect if you don't have much time in your day but want to feel a quick burn. You can also add this class onto the end of any of our other classes for that extra workout. Remember, engage your core, and work...

  • NEW! 40min Traditional Flow (SATISFYING)

    This class is a traditional Pilates flow and is really great as it forms the foundation for all other classes. This class is perfect for beginners learning the fundamentals of pilates, and advanced members to revisit the principles that you apply in every class.

    *Jacqui burns 200 calories in th...