Weekly Planner: Chill - Satisfying

Weekly Planner: Chill - Satisfying

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Weekly Planner: Chill - Satisfying
  • NEW! 15min Ab Burner 2 (INTENSE)

    This is a 15 minute ab burner class! In this class, I want you to focus on the breath and the movement. These movements aren't always about how quick you can do them but instead, it is about taking it slow and really feeling the burn. Remember, suck your belly button towards your spine and when t...

  • 10min Releasing Anxiety (CHILL)

    A lot of us can feel anxiety during the day and it's important to bring awareness into our daily practise. This class will allow you to be ok with what you're feeling. Give yourself the love, kindness and gratitude you deserve.

  • 30min Full Body Essentials 2 (SATISFYING)

    Whether you’re a beginner or if pilates is second nature to you, this essentials class is the perfect class to set your body up with the correct technique and alignment for the rest of your week.

  • 20min One on One Technique 3

    This class is all about tuning into the pilates technique and TPC method. We asked members which moves they wanted to go a little more in depth with so we released this class so you can practice your technique for these moves. If you haven’t watched a technique video yet, we really encourage you ...