Weekly Planner: Satisfying - Intense

Weekly Planner: Satisfying - Intense

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Weekly Planner: Satisfying - Intense
  • NEW! 15min Ab Burner 2 (INTENSE)

    This is a 15 minute ab burner class! In this class, I want you to focus on the breath and the movement. These movements aren't always about how quick you can do them but instead, it is about taking it slow and really feeling the burn. Remember, suck your belly button towards your spine and when t...

  • 45min Full Body 2 (INTENSE)

    The Pilates Body Class is our Signature flow, targeting the full body. Designed to strengthen your core, lengthen and balance your body, tone and sculpt your assets- this class will get your heart up, have you breaking a sweat and feeling the burn.

  • 30min Back Body Strength (SATISFYING & INTENSE)

    This back strength class will strengthen your posterior chain which will help support your lower back and will help improve your posture. We do so much core work within our classes as well as working the entire front line of the body so it's important to strengthen your back which will help even ...

  • 18min Stretch and Flexibility (CHILL)

    This is a stretch and flexibility class which focuses on opening up your hips and entire body. In this class, I want you to focus on softening the body and feeling your muscles open. We often forget to take time for ourselves to stretch our bodies and let go of tension so it is really important t...